May 2021

Best Clothing Choices if you are Travelling Somewhere Hot

Best Clothing Choices if you are Travelling Somewhere Hot

If you are planning on going somewhere hot this summer, you will need to take into consideration the different types of weather. The destination that you are traveling to may typically be hot, but could also be prone to rain showers – so make sure to pack your trusty raincoat. If you are traveling somewhere by plane, you won’t be able to bring your whole wardrobe contents with you as flight companies have weight limits for your suitcases; bring only what you need, and choose clothes that you can mix and match easily. Don’t forget to bring a variety of cooling, and warmer clothing.

Shorts and Trousers

If you are traveling somewhere hot, shorts are very much the obvious option; they are cooling, and can easily be paired with different clothing, which makes it much simpler for you to pack light. Some shorts can even be worn as swim shorts as well, which saves you the hassle of changing on the beach. If it’s too hot, it is unlikely that you will want to wear a heavy pair of jeans; linen trousers, cropped leggings, or harem trousers are perfect for the hot summer days.

Cooling Tops

No one likes the feeling of sweating, so make sure to wear tops that are cooling, and breathable; some online retailers sell Farah Shirts, these are typically made from cotton, which is a much more cooling material that won’t make you sweat. For the ladies, a simple vest top could be the perfect option – make sure to do some research on the clothing restriction laws of the places you’re visiting though.

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Dresses and Playsuits

Pretty dresses and playsuits are perfect for the ladies, as they don’t require much outfit building, and they typically go with most shoes and jackets. With the right clothing, they are good for dressing up and dressing down. If you are wearing these on a hot beach, make sure to bring a piece of extra clothing to cover yourself up with – sunburn is not a good look.

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Beach Wear

If you are someone who is prone to sunburn, then you will need to be careful with what you wear in sunny locations; some destinations can reach high temperatures, and have little shade for you to conceal yourself away from the sun. Sarongs or kimonos are perfect for covering yourself up on a sunny beach, and they are also breathable and cooling. For men, a simple cotton shirt will help to protect your body from the blaring sun – don’t forget a hat or a bandana to protect your head. Here are more ways to protect yourself from the sun.

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