InfoCert: a real guarantee for companies


InfoCert is the Italian market leader in digitization and dematerialization services, as well as one of the main Certification Authorities at the European level for Certified Electronic Mail, Digital Signature, and Digital Storage of documents (AgID Accredited Conservator). For five years now it has also managed the AgID of the digital identity of citizens and businesses, in compliance with the regulatory and technical requirements of the SPID (Public System for the Management of Digital Identity).


The Digital Maturity Model is a framework that the InfoCert company offers to all those companies and businesses that have decided to discover the level of digital maturity achieved by their organization. After putting in place a test lasting a few minutes, consisting of seven questions, the model returns an analysis of the areas of strength and business processes to be improved. It should also be considered that at the end of the test, and InfoCert analyst goes to explain to each customer what the clear vision of their current position is and define a digitization path focused on specific needs.

On this basis, it is possible to build a roadmap with steps to be taken to complete a truly effective digitization process. Knowing your level of digital maturity is nothing more than the beginning of the digital transformation of business processes, but it is also the most important. People are generally led to believe that digital transformation is simply about the implementation and use of cutting-edge technologies, but this is only a small part of the story. Strategy, talent management, organizational structure, and leadership are just as important, if not more, than technology. A better way to explain digital transformation is to describe it as a process that involves all organizations that use technology to do business in new ways. But even this definition is not yet complete.


Digital transformation aims to put in place business processes and practices that help to compete in the right way in an increasingly digital society. It is a phase of continuous development and growth, a gradual process that develops over time and throughout the organization. A process that requires a decisive change in how you think, how you work, and how you manage the entire company organization. Obviously in response to emerging digital trends in the environment in which we compete.