Ladies Wigs for Warm Weather


Wigs can be tough to get right when it’s hot out. You may want natural hair wig that’s thick and doesn’t blow easily in the wind. While this is definitely something to look for in a wig, it’s not the only thing.
Aside from looks, you should be looking for a wig that’s comfortable during those warmer months. If you aren’t sure where to begin, review these tips for any extra assistance.

Choose a Cool Wig Base
A wig in warm weather can become uncomfortable but with the right wig base or cap, style and comfort are still possible.
Wig bases come in a variety of materials for you to choose from. For example, a mono-top wig base is very natural-looking but can prove to be quite warm on your scalp because it’s not well-ventilated. For one thing cooler, try a capless or lace front base.

Wig Hair Types
There are two types of wig; synthetic and human hair wigs. Both are very versatile and can be cut and styled as you wish.
Synthetic hair can hold its vogue even against wind and water. If you opt for a synthetic wig, you can choose a lightweight version and a capless base that will stay relatively cool on your scalp.
Human hair wigs can be hot and heavy in warm weather but they can easily be styled to your liking and it will look and drape like your natural hair.

Ways to Keep Cool in Your Wig
If you aren’t comfortable going out without your wig, then some of these suggestions might be useful to you.
• Gel band- a head-hugging headband that prevents your wig from slipping out of place while it lifts the wig slightly off your scalp. It also allows sweat to evaporate and air to cool your skin.
• Wig Liner Fishnet Cap- It’s a naturally ventilated cap that lifts you wig base away from your head. These caps stretch to suit any head and can facilitate keep your wig in situ.
• Wig Liner Cap- This cap is a stretchy cotton skullcap that can help absorb sweat and prevent skin irritation. They are easy to hand wash and dry overnight.

If these suggestions aren’t your preference or it’s just too hot out, skip your wig for the day. Wear a hat, scarf or turban to keep your head protected from the sun.