Tinder Users: Screen Matches for Past Criminal Activity


Tinder recently announced that users in the USA can now run background checks on their potential dates. This is the first time that a dating app has offered this kind of service to its users, and it should help to improve the safety of online dating.

The service is operated through a partnership with a non-profit called Garbo. This new tech company specializes in providing online background checks. Through this collaboration Tinder, users will be able to find out relevant public information about their match.

This will include things like previous arrests, violent behavior, and convictions. It will also contain details of any past sex offenses.

Garbo will only supply information that is appropriate to the user’s safety and will not include particulars of offenses like drug possession and loitering. They also do not reveal any personal information such as phone numbers or addresses.

How much does it cost?

Tinder users will be able to run two free background checks through the app, after that each search will cost $2.50 plus a minimal processing fee. This money will go directly to Garbo to assist them in their efforts to use technology to prevent harm in the digital age.

How to run a background check

  • Open the Tinder app and tap on the blue shield.
  • Find and select the Safety Center.
  • Find the Tools section and open the Garbo link.
  • Fill in the first name and phone number of your match.
  • If Garbo needs additional information, it will ask for their age.

What to do if your match has a Garbo result

If your match has a documented history of criminal behavior, you may decide that even though they look great you should probably avoid meeting up with them. You are free to use the information as you choose.

Tinder users are encouraged to report any match that has a history of violence or sexual offenses on the app. Members can also take advantage of the various resources that are available in the Safety Center, should they need additional help or support.

Tinder will investigate any user who is reported through the app and has made it clear that anyone with a violent history should not be a part of the Tinder community. Once they have confirmed that your match has a criminal history, they will remove them from the app and permanently ban them from ever using it again.

Even if your match has no record on Garbo, it is always a good idea to take the time to get to know them before meeting up in person.

Screening Made Simple

Through this collaboration between Garbo and Tinder, you can now easily screen all your potential dates, leaving you more time for claiming betbigdollar bonus codes. Running a quick and simple background check on a match is a great tool to filter out those people who you would rather avoid having a romantic evening.

This feature is easy to access and use within the app and allows you to run an instant screen of your match at a fraction of the cost of a traditional background check.